Expert rules are Custom, Memory, and Registry rules created with a special interface that provides many more options than the standard interface for these rules. They are intended for expert users working with Carbon Black Support or Technical Services.

Custom, Memory, and Registry rules in App Control provide built-in rule types to help you create rules suitable for many situations. Beginning with v8.0.0, Custom, Memory, and Registry rules include a new Expert option. Expert rules, as the name implies, are intended for expert users. This new rule type exposes more operations you can use to trigger a rule and more actions you can take when the rule is triggered. It also allows you to combine multiple operations and actions into one rule.

Important: Expert rules do not have all of the error-checking that other rule types have. It is possible to create unexpected (and unwanted) outcomes without being warned during rule creation. These rules are intended for use by Carbon Black Support or Services representatives, or customers working with them.