You can control the CPE Configuration by specifying the synchronization settings. By default, the CPE Configuration is turned OFF and no matching or synchronization is occurring.


  1. From the top menu, click Assets> Applications and then click the CPE Applications tab.
  2. Click the gear icon next to the Applications page title.
    The gear icon next to the Applications title
    The CPE Configuration page displays. The CPE Configuration page
  3. Specify the Mode setting:
    • Off: Use this setting to turn off matching and synchronization.

      If the Mode setting was previously Manual or Automatic and a synchronization was executed, the table remains populated after setting the Mode to Off.

    • Automatic: Use this setting to specify a synchronization interval. You can select a specific hour, day, week, month, or year and specify the precise time.
    • Manual: Use this setting to execute synchronization and matching on demand.
  4. Specify the URL if it is different from the default:

    Click Reset to default URL to return it to:

  5. To initiate synchronization and matching with the CPE library, click On DemandExecute sync and matching now.

    If you selected Automatic for the first time, the CPE Applications table remains unpopulated until the time interval is satisfied. To immediately populate the table, click On DemandExecute sync and matching now.

  6. Click Save.