By default, the App Control Server is configured to process any enabled event rules. This means that the Enabled/Disabled/Simulate setting for each rule determines how and whether that rule functions. However, you can deactivate the event rule feature so that no event rules are processed.

The checkbox for disabling and re-enabling event rule processing is on the Advanced Options tab of the System Configuration page. When you disable event rules, any alerts based on event rules are not triggered.


  1. On the console menu, click the configuration (gear) icon and select System Configuration.
  2. On the Advanced Options tab, click the Edit button at the bottom of page.
  3. In the Software Rule Options panel, deselect the Event Rules check box, and click the Update button.

What to do next

To re-enable event rules, follow the same steps, except select the Event Rules check box. Re-enabling event rules causes them to continue processing each rule from the point it was stopped. This action can be useful when infrastructure activities can prevent event rules from completing their actions. For example, if you have many analysis rules that require access to a connected appliance and the appliance is down for maintenance, you can disable the rule processing until the maintenance is completed.