To generate a code to place a computer in temporary local approval mode, perform the following procedure.

Caution: Because they provide privileged access to Carbon Black App Control Agents, do not email or otherwise reveal override keys in clear text. They should be encrypted if emailed, and only the administrator who needs them should have access. After it is used, any file or other record containing the key must be deleted.


  1. On the console menu, click Assets > Computers.
  2. In the table, locate the computer for which you want to generate a code and click its name.
  3. Click the Policy Override tab in the panel at the bottom of the page.
  4. In the Temporary Policy Override Code panel, unless you want to transition to a different Enforcement Level, leave the default choice for Temporary Enforcement, which is Local Approval.
  5. In the Enforcement Level Active For text box, enter the number of minutes (up to 500) for the Enforcement Level change to last.
  6. In the Key Valid For text box, enter the length of time for the override code to be valid. Consider how long it will take to get the key to the computer user who needs it and how quickly they will be able to enter it.
  7. When you have entered all parameters, click the Generate Code button. A code with nine sets of letters separated by dashes displays next to the button.
  8. Copy and save the code (and note the computer name) so that you can deliver it to the person who will be installing new software on the offline computer. The code is not saved on the Computer Details page, so you must record it.