Carbon Black App Control does not provide the software (such as VMware View) for creating virtual machines or managing cloned disk images for physical machines, nor does this chapter provide instructions for using those systems.

A prerequisite of using the features described here is that you have, and know how to use, a product that creates clones from a primary disk image. The Carbon Black App Control Server can manage the clones produced by those systems, but is not integrated with the systems themselves.

There are two methods for creating a template computer.

Convert to Template
Use this method to convert a computer to a template. It must be shutdown and offline at the time of the conversion and must remain so afterwards.
Create Template Image
Use this method to create a template based on a point-in-time copy of the selected computer. You can continue using the computer after creating the template. It is recommended but not required to shut down the computer and make sure it is offline.
Use this method if using Instant Clones.
Note: This method requires Windows Agent 8.7 and above.

In the following table, requirements are listed for each methodology of template creation:

  Computer Requirement Computer Status and Procedure

Convert to Template

Create Template Image

It can be either a physical computer or a virtual machine



Supported App Control agent must be installed X X
On the console, computer must be fully initialized X X
Any Trusted Directories used by the computer must be disabled X X
Must be shutdown and display as offline on the console X Recommended but optional
Computer should remain offline after converting to a template X