You can enable Rapid Configs that apply on all computers on a platform (e.g., all Windows computers) under all conditions. Also, you have the option to narrow down the focus scope of a Rapid Config by specifying criteria.

To set a rule scope, specify one or more of the following criteria (not all of these options are available for all Rapid Configs):

Policy-specific –
For all Rapid Configs, you can choose to limit a rule to computers in specified policies, and where you enter configuration information, you can configure one Rapid Config with different settings for different policies. Within a Rapid Config, you can also specify different settings for different policies.
User- or group-specific –
For certain Rapid Configs (for example, the Visual Studio config), you can make the rule apply only to a specific user or group of users.
Conditional Macros –
You can use certain macros to restrict the conditions under which certain parameter values in Rapid Configs are applied. Only agents meeting the test described in the macro can use the parameter as a condition within the Rapid Config. Note that these conditional macros must be applied for each parameter you want to conditionalize. For details, see Specifying Paths and Processes.

Rapid Configs tab is located on the Software Rules page.

Note: Some of the items listed as Updaters in previous releases are now on the Rapid Configs tab.