Software metering lets you track the number of times users run specified files.

When you create a meter, you specify a file to be tracked. Each time the specified file runs on a computer, the server records its execution. Configurable reports allow you to display cumulative execution events by time of execution, user, computer, and policy. You can create meters and centrally manage them (view reports, edit, and delete) in one place. Monitoring begins almost immediately after you create the meter.

Software metering is useful for the following purposes:

  • Gathering data about how often applications are used.
  • Determining which computers are running an application.
  • Locating computers running older versions of software for upgrade or completely retiring obsolete applications.
  • Carbon Black App Control Agent is one of the first processes to start when you start your computer. It is normally configured so that a user cannot log in to an agent-managed computer until the agent has started up, or a specified timeout period expires. However, if a service or process is configured to start before the agent, its activity is not monitored or controlled until the agent starts.
  • You can locate all executed files on your network or on a subset of your computers by using Filters on the Find Files page or the Files on Computers® tab on the Files page. See Defining a Search on the Find Files Page.

You can create a meter from scratch or you can create a meter for a file directly from its File Details page – see Create a Meter from the File Details Page.