You can use certain macros in the Process fields. You can see a menu of macros by typing the left angle bracket (<) character in either of the Process fields.

There are two types of macros supported in Memory Rule processes:

  • Path macros – These are a subset of the well known folders in the Microsoft Windows environment, and they always identify a location rather than a specific file. You can use the path macro only at the beginning of a Path or File specification in a rule (i.e., with no other text before it in the string).
  • Registry macros – These are macros that specify strings in the Windows Registry. You can use the registry macro anywhere in the Path or File specification.

Macros can be an effective way to define a rule that works on all agent computers even when the processes you want to specify are in different locations on different computers.

For more information on the description of path and registry macros, see Using Macros in Rules. You can use the macros described there in the Process fields of a memory rule.