To create a snapshot (or add to one) from all files on a computer, perform the following procedure.

Note: A snapshot of the files on a computer is static – it is the list of files that were on the computer when the snapshot was taken. You also can use a computer itself as a baseline for comparison, in which case the files on the computer when you run the report are the baseline.


  1. On the console menu, click Assets > Computers.
  2. In the Computers table, click the name of the computer whose files you want to use as a snapshot. The Computer Details page opens for that computer.
  3. In the Actions menu on the right, click Add Files to Snapshot. The Add Files to Snapshot dialog box opens:
    The Actions menu with Add Files to Snapshot selected
  4. To create a new snapshot, in the dialog, type in the name for the snapshot in the Create new snapshot text box and click Create.

    - or -

    To add all of the files on the computer to an existing snapshot, choose an existing snapshot from the Choose existing snapshot menu and click Add.

  5. To view the contents of your snapshot, click Reports > Baseline Drift on the console menu and then click the Snapshot tab. Your new or modified snapshot is displayed in the Snapshots table.