The Action menu on the Analyze tab provides options for you to retry an analysis request with the same or different analysis provider.

This menu includes the following options:

  • Cancel Analysis – Cancels checked analysis entries. If one or more checked entries cannot be canceled, this will have no effect on those files.
  • Retry Analysis – Retries checked analysis entries. This has no effect on entries that cannot be retried (for example, because analysis is already pending on this file).
  • View Carbon Black Reputation Data – Get information (if available) from Carbon Black File Reputation for the checked files.
  • Analyze with ... – Options appear for each available analysis provider (Palo Alto Networks WildFire).

When one of these actions is selected, the submission for analysis will use an existing uploaded file if available. If not, it will first upload the file and then submit it.


In addition to the Analyzed Files tab, the Requested Files page has two other tabs that are not described in this section:

  • Uploaded Files – Shows inventoried files uploaded from Carbon Black App Control-managed endpoints to the Carbon Black App Control Server.
  • Diagnostic Files – Shows diagnostic files uploaded to the Carbon Black App Control Server.

See Uploading Files from Agents for a full description of general and diagnostic file uploads.