If you do not want a memory rule to be active anymore, you can either disable it, which leaves it in the rules table, or delete it from the table.

If you want to use the rule again, deactivating it temporarily is the best choice. Deleting a rule eliminates it permanently. You cannot undo or retrieve it at a later time.


  1. On the console menu, navigate to the Rules > Software Rules page.
  2. Click the Memory tab and either disable or delete a rule.
  3. To disable a memory rule:
    1. Click the View Details button next to the rule you want to disable.
      The Edit Memory Rule page appears.
    2. In the Status line, click the Disabled radio button.
    3. Then, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
    The rule is now disabled.
  4. To delete a memory rule, click the Delete icon next to the rule you want to delete, and select OK on the confirmation dialog. The rule is now deleted.
    The rule is deleted.