You can make copies of a memory rule on the same server. You do this so you can customize a sample rule while preserving the original settings as a template. It also allows you to make slightly different rules for different policies without having to manually provide all of the settings for each one.


  1. On the memory rules table page, click View Details to open the details page for the rule you want to copy.
  2. On the details page, click Copy this rule... in the Actions menu on the right side of the page. This opens a dialog box.
    A dialog box opens. By default, the name of the copy uses the original rule name plus (copy).
  3. Optional. In the dialog box, change the rule name if you want something more descriptive.
  4. If you want the new rule enabled immediately, check the Enable copied rule box.
  5. Click OK.
    The copied rule is created and its details page replaces the details page for the original rule.
  6. Make any changes in the new (copied) rule and Save, or Save & Exit.