In most cases, you can convert a template back to a regular computer. This feature is primarily intended as a remedy in case you accidentally convert a computer to a template.


This feature and procedure is only applicable to templates created using the "Convert to Template" option.

If you want to convert a computer that was used as a template, make sure it does not have any clones listed on the Computers page in the console before the conversion.


  1. On the Template Details page for this template, click on Show all cloned computers in the Related Views menu.
  2. If there are any clones listed for this computer, delete them from the Carbon Black App Control Server or leave the template in place as a template (see Deleting Computers). Otherwise the clones become freestanding computers (i.e., with no connection to a template).
  3. When you have made certain that the template has no clones, return to the Template Details page and click Convert to Computer in the Action menu. The computer returns to Carbon Black App Control Server management and the Template Details page is converted to a Computer Details page.
  4. After the conversion is complete, reconnect the computer so that the server can manage it.