On the Analyzed Files tab, the Status column provides feedback on the progress of a file analysis. Hovering over the Status value in the table provides additional information.

The possible values are:

  • Acquiring File – For files that must be uploaded from an endpoint before being sent to the device for analysis, this indicates that the upload has not been completed.
  • Error – The upload or analysis failed (for example, because the file name or path did not exist). Moving the mouse cursor over this field shows a tooltip with details of the error.
  • Canceled – The upload was canceled by a console user.
  • Analyzing – The file has been moved to a device for analysis.
  • Analyzed – The Carbon Black App Control has received an XML report from the device. After this happens, the Status value for the file becomes a link leading to Notification Details.
  • Analyzed* (1,2...) – When Analyzed is followed by a series of numbers in parentheses, this indicates that there were multiple file analysis results from WildFire. Each result is from a different Analysis Environment. Hovering the mouse cursor over a number shows the Analysis Environment that it represents. The Analysis Environment showing a multiple file analysis result

    Clicking on a number shows the specific Notification Details for that Analysis Environment. See Notifications from Multiple Analysis Environments for more information about the possible values.

    The Analysis Results for a file that has multiple results reports the top-level analysis value provided by WildFire.

Note: If there are analysis results for a file, they appear in an External Analysis Results panel on the File Details and File Instance Details pages for that file.