To create a custom approval or ban for one or more files on a Files page, perform the following procedure.

When you select Approve by Policy or Ban by Policy on the Action menu of a file table, an Add File Rule dialog box opens with the hash(es) for the files you selected. You can customize parameters before you create the rule.


  1. On the console menu, click Assets > Files.
  2. Locate the files to approve or ban and select the check boxes next to their names.
  3. On the Action menu, select Approve by Policy or Ban by Policy.
  4. You can change the Rule Type, including changing from Ban, which actively blocks executions, to Ban (Report Only), which reports that the file would have been blocked if the ban was fully activated.
  5. You can add an optional description of the rule (for example, why you banned the files).
  6. In the Rule applies to field:
    • To apply the rule to all computers, leave the All policies button selected.
    • To apply the rule to selected policies only, click the Selected policies button.
  7. f the Rule Type is Approval, an Installer Information panel is included at the bottom of the page. If any file selected for approval is not currently recognized as an installer, a Mark all files as installers check box displays in the panel. Select the check box if you want the files to be approved and marked as installers.
    Caution: Especially when you have multiple files selected for the rule, be certain you want all of the files to become installers before you select the Mark all files as installers check box. Files created by installers are locally approved, and there is no automatic way to remove this approval. The message in the Installer Information panel tells you how many files in your selection would be affected by this choice, and whether any files in the selection have created or modified other files.
  8. When you have configured the rule, click the Save button. Each file you selected when you started the process displays on the Software Rules page Files tab as a separate approval. The File Approvals and Bans table indicates whether an approval or ban is global.