You can remove trust from a trusted directory in two ways.

  • You can disable the trusted directory so that files added after you disable it are no longer trusted. You accomplish this by clicking the View Details button next to the trusted directory name, clicking the Disabled Status radio button, and then clicking Save. Consider this to temporarily suspend installations from your deployment server. Disabling (rather than deleting) gives you the option of re-enabling the directory at a later time without having to reenter all of its properties.
  • You can delete the directory from the Trusted Directories list by clicking the X button next to its name. This deletes its trusted status in Carbon Black App Control (not the actual directory). Delete the directory itself if you do not want its contents on your deployment server.
  • Disabling or deleting trusted directory status does not remove approval from files that were already in the directory.
  • A Trusted Directory folder that is either deleted from the computer or inaccessible to Carbon Black App Control Agents due to network issues is listed as Enabled, Inaccessible in the Trusted Directories table.