The Files on Computers tab provides a table of files that are on agent computers or, for disconnected computers, were on those computers when their agents last communicated with the Carbon Black App Control Server.

Files from deleted computers can continue to display for one day, but will be marked as being from a deleted computer during that time and no longer display after the grace period.

By default, the Files on Computers table shows all individual files on all computers. You can select a different Saved View of the catalog or create a view to focus on particular types of files or search for one file. If you are not familiar with modifying views in console tables, see Console Tables. You also can turn off the Show individual files setting to instead show only top-level files (files not known to have been installed by or copied from another file) plus groups of initialized files (that is, files on a computer when the Carbon Black App Control Agent was installed). See Showing Individual Files before selecting this option.

The Files on Computers tab includes the following subset of the Saved Views shown in Table: Saved Views on the File Catalog tab:

  • Applications by Publisher/Company
  • Banned Files
  • Categorized Files
  • Installed Programs
  • Malicious Files
  • Threat Report - Suspicious Files by Name
  • Unapproved Files

Table: File Details and File Catalog Page Fields shows the fields that can appear in the File Catalog table, most of which also can appear in the Files on Computer table. Table: Additional Fields: File Instance Details and Files on Computers shows additional fields that are available on the Files on Computers tab. Not all fields appear by default.