This topic lists certificate details for communications between the Carbon Black App Control Agent and Carbon Black App Control Server.

Table 1. Agent-Server Communications Certificate Details



Common Name

The fully qualified domain name of the Carbon Black App Control Server to which your agents are connected.

Expiration Date

Valid For

Date and time when the certificate will expire. When you are editing the certificate details, this field changes to Valid For and provides a text box into which you can enter the number of days or years you want the certificate to be valid.

You cannot enter a Valid For period longer than 20 years or 7300 days for a self-signed certificate.

Country Code

Standard two-letter country code for the organization that is responsible for the certificate.


State (if applicable)




Company responsible for the certificate


Department (if any) within the company

Email Address

Contact information for more information about the certificate.

Subject Alternative Name

Subject Alternative Name (SAN) is an alternative means of verifying the certificate against the server hostname. SAN allows the use of multiple DNS names or IP addresses, separated by commas, for a single server. The certificate can be verified even when there is access from different network routes, or the same certificate can be used on multiple servers.

The Subject Alternative Name field is empty by default. A tooltip shows the required format. The following is an example of the format for a SAN entry:, DNS=cbprotection.example.local,IP=

You can use wildcards in a DNS name.