A primary reason to use the Carbon Black App Control virtual machine management features is to optimize file inventory processing on future clones created from a template computer. There are two options for clone file inventory management:

All files
The Carbon Black App Control Server can automatically initialize a clone's file inventory based on the files present on the template. As soon as a clone is detected, the inventory from its template is copied into the clone’s inventory. Any future file additions or changes are also applied to the clone inventory. This is the default setting.
New and modified files
You can choose to have the clone start with an empty file inventory and have the server track only file additions and changes for each clone that happen after it is created.

These options are set on a per-template basis. They affect how the Files on Computers inventory for clones are managed. Regardless of your choices here, all files from the template image are included in the Carbon Black App Control File Catalog on your server.

If you choose New and modified files, the clone inventory will track the following changes from the baseline template inventory:

  • creation of a file
  • modification of a file
  • deletion of a file
  • renaming of a file
  • changes in a file’s state (i.e., approvals and bans)

Changes in the path for a file (other than a change in the file name itself) will not cause a file that was in the template inventory to be tracked as part of the clone inventory.