Rows in dynamic tables include information about objects such as client computers, devices, events, reports, or files.

Many tables include buttons at the far left of each row that operate on that row.

A table with row action buttons on the left column

Table 1. Common Row Action Buttons




The Edit button

View Details or Edit Properties

Displays details of an item in a row. If the item has editable properties, clicking this button opens its editor.

The trash can delete button


Removes the item in its row from the table and deletes it from your Carbon Black App Control database.

The view report button

View Report/History/Etc.

Displays a report, history, or other information corresponding to the item in a row.

The search magnifying glass button

Find File

Displays the Find Files page and automatically uses the file name or hash of the file in the current row as the search parameter.

Note: Different tables include different combinations of row action buttons (not necessarily all of them), as appropriate for the types of information displayed. Some tables have page-specific buttons not shown above.