You may enter only one API token when configuring the integration between a Carbon Black EDR Server and a Carbon Black App Control Server. Therefore, Carbon Black App Control recommends that you create a new Carbon Black EDR user for this purpose, and use the API Token that is associated with that user.

The Carbon Black EDR user whose token is used must be in the Administrators group and must be a Global Administrator.

See the VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide for more detailed instructions.


  1. Login to the Carbon Black EDR Server as a user who can create other administrative users.
  2. In the Carbon Black EDR Console, go to Administration > Users, click Add User, and create the new Carbon Black App Control integration user. Assign this user to the Administrators team and select the Global Administrator check box.
  3. Logout, and then login using the new user account that you created in Step 2.
  4. In the Carbon Black EDR Console menu, click username > My Profile.
  5. On the My Account page, click API Token on the left menu. Copy the string in the Your API Token text box. You use this string to configure Carbon Black EDR integration in the Carbon Black App Control Console, on the Licensing tab of the System Configuration page.