When a user no longer needs access to the console you can remove access without deleting the login account. You do this by changing the account status to Disabled.

Users permitted to create a particular login account can also disable that account:

  • By default, accounts in the Administrators role can disable any account except their own.
  • Account-disabling privileges of accounts in custom roles vary.
Note: Console login accounts created through AD mapping cannot be disabled directly. The only way to disable an AD account is to change the mapping rules for their AD security group so that they are mapped to user role that is disabled or has no privileges.

Disable Login Accounts

Use this procedure to disable a console login account.


  1. From the console menu bar, click on the configuration (gear) icon and choose Login Accounts.

    The Login Accounts page displays:

    The Users tab on the Login Accounts page showing the list of users
    Note: If the Login Accounts: Users tab is not displayed, click the Users tab.
  2. In the Login Accounts: Users table, locate the user name.
  3. Click the View Details icon next to the username whose account you want to disable.
  4. In the Status line on the Edit Login Account page, click the Disabled radio button.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.