The 8.6.0 Server Release Notes provide information for users upgrading from previous versions as well as for users new to VMware Carbon Black App Control.


Date: February, 2021

New Features and Product Enhancements

Product security is our top priority for Carbon Black App Control. In this release, we have included several new enhancements to ensure that our product is prepared to keep you and your endpoints secure. These changes include:

General Changes:

  • Added "Unapproved File Block Alert" that is capable of limiting alert triggers and e-mails for files or file/computer combinations that repeatedly match the filters during the time period set.

  • Replaced OpenSSL calls with Windows system calls in software and installer.
  • Added global_state as a field to all four syslog output formats.

    It displays the global approval state of the file in the event.

  • Added a clarification to the REST API documentation for the Computer object's 'debugFlags' property.
  • Increased the default max upload limit for host package installers from 100MB to 200MB.
  • Logging messages related to connections and disconnections to SQL Server were updated to be more precise.
  • Removed support for SQL 2008 and Windows 2008 R2. During installation, the installer will now perform a check and prevent you from installing on Windows 2008 R2.

Changes to the Events Page

  • Added new fields to the events API.
  • Added two new event subtypes to support custom rule read events:
    • Read block (Custom Rule) 'Execution block(custom rule)' and 'Write block(custom rule)' event now show the correct operations when the reading of the file has been blocked.
    • Report read (Custom Rule) Reports the event:

      File '$pathname$$pathSeparator$$filename$' was read.

  • Added linked Carbon Black Cloud icon to the process column in events when the appropriate integration is set up.

Library Cleanup

Updated the following libraries:

  • Updated PHP to version 7.3.24
  • Updated Genivia gSOAP to 2.8.108
  • Updated the Boost Library to 1.74.0

Supported upgrade paths

Below is a table explaining the supported upgrade paths for Carbon Black App Control servers:

Upgrading from: Upgrading to:
v8.0.0 ⇨ v8.6.0
v8.1.0 ⇨ v8.6.0
v8.1.4 ⇨ v8.6.0
v8.1.6 ⇨ v8.6.0
v8.1.8 ⇨ v8.6.0
V8.1.10 ⇨ v8.6.0
V8.5.0 ⇨ v8.6.0
V8.5.2 ⇨ v8.6.0
V8.5.4 ⇨ v8.6.0

Corrective Content

This section lists the defects fixed in Carbon Black App Control Server.

Item # Description
EP-3046 Fixed an issue where the event description generated after a failed login attempt was not accurate.
EP-6453 Fixed an issue that had a negative performance impact on the 'install-event-details.php' page.
EP-7696 Fixed a performance issue with the scheduled task, ExportGetEvents.
EP-9576 Fixed an issue on the adpolicy-details.php page where errors occurred related to reaching the default 1MB buffer size. Contact customer support if you need to modify this default buffer size.
EP-10219 Fixed an issue where some event-based alerts did not save the event filters properly.

Fixed an issue where the install failed if the service account password ended with a backslash.

  • The service user password may now contain any character.
  • The SQL user password may now contain any character except the single quote.
EP-10788 Fixed an issue where the agent could send non critical, system information to the server too often causing excessive network traffic.
EP-11193 Fixed an issue where the EventTrace logs grew beyond allowed size.
EP-11277 Fixed minor grammatical errors in event descriptions.
EP-11347 Fixed an issue in the log file by adding logging in the case of invalid “FileUpload” request.
EP-11443 Fixed a unique issue where a user with limited policy access is unable to make file rule modifications on the File Details page after previously removing the rule from the Edit Approval by Policy page.
EP-11476 Fixed an issue where events related to trusted directory file approvals displayed incorrect source information.
EP-11545 Fixed an issue with time filtering when the browser is not in the same time zone as the server.
EP-11687 Fixed an issue where syslog traffic was directed to the localhost regardless of the specified External Event Logging settings.
EP-11715 Fixed an issue affecting Firewall port rules during server installation in Windows Server 2016 and Server 2019
EP-11734 Fixed an issue where an error occurred when clicking remote details links for files and rules using Unified Management.
EP-11753 Fixed an issue where users were unable to update a computer template and received the following error: "Network error while trying to communicate with Carbon Black App Control Server Error: Error fetching http headers"