The 8.5.0 Server Release Notes provide information for users upgrading from previous versions as well as for users new to VMware Carbon Black App Control.


Date: August, 2020

New Features and Product Enhancements

Product security is our top priority for Carbon Black App Control. In this release, we have included several new enhancements to ensure that our product is prepared to keep you and your endpoints secure. These changes include:

Most Notable Changes:

  • Rebranded the user interface and documentation to Carbon Black App Control.

  • The following changes are also reflected in the User Interface and documentation:
    • CB Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) is now Carbon Black Cloud
    • CB Response is now Carbon Black EDR
    • CB Collective Cloud Defense is now Carbon Black File Reputation
  • Improved user password complexity. See Product Security Enhancements
  • Users can now specify how feedback banners are dismissed. There is now a user setting to set the feedback banner to automatically dismiss without a click.

  • Many 3rd party libraries have been updated. See: Library Cleanup

Other Changes:

  • Replaced OpenSSL with the native Windows encryption libraries.
  • Made changes to the way we distribute file reputation data to reduce database locking.
  • Added support for SQL Server 2019.
    Important: Installation of the latest Cumulative Update is required.

    (This is due to new feature in SQL Server 2019, inlining scalar-valued user-defined functions, which causes major issues without the latest Cumulative Update.)

Library Cleanup

Updated the following libraries:

  • Updated Log4net library to version 2.0.8.
  • Updated Bootstrap library CSS to 4.5.0.
  • Updated jQuery to version 3.5.1.
  • Updated Yara to version 4.0.1.
  • Updated Telerik library to version 2020.2.617.45.
  • Updated PHP library to version 7.3.19.
  • Updated SimpleSAMLphp library to version 1.18.7.
  • Updated gSOAP library to version 2.8.101.

Changes to the Events Page

  • Events rebranded to use new product names.

Product Security Enhancements

  • Added ability to specify user password requirements including:
    • Minimum password length
    • Minimum number of special characters
    • Password expirations, including the ability to specify a warning and grace period.

    Go to: System Configuration > General tab

  • Added ability to make passwords temporary and force user to create new password upon logging in.

    Go to: Login Accounts > User Details

  • Updated the hashing algorithm used for global CLI passwords for agents version 8.5.0 and above. The MD5 hash has been replace with the SHA-256 hash.

Supported upgrade paths

Below is a table explaining the supported upgrade paths for Carbon Black App Control 8.5.0 servers:

Upgrading from: Upgrading to:
v8.0.0 v8.5.0
v8.1.0 v8.5.0
v8.1.4 v8.5.0
v8.1.6 v8.5.0
v8.1.8 v8.5.0
v8.1.10 v8.5.0

Corrective Content

This section lists defect fixed in Carbon Black App Control Server.

Item # Description

Fixed a permissions issue in the Change Policy portlet.

Users with Assign Computers permission can now use this portlet.

EP-6988 Fixed an issue where the system configuration page would intermittently timeout.
EP-8873 Fixed an issue that was causing the console to timeout on the file details page.
EP-11055 Fixed an issue where temporary debugging was not working.
EP-11092 Fixed an issue that was disabling the Limit Export Directory size when updating the Root URL on the External Analytics page.

Fixed an issue with upgrades where the server service could hang when using AD for user authentication.

Note: By default, the server does not attempt to connect to Active Directory securely.
EP-11196 Fixed an issue where actions on the computer details page did not work when navigated to from certain links.