This guide provides information for system or network administrators who install, update, and uninstall VMware Carbon Black App Control agent software on Windows, Linux, and macOS endpoints.


The Carbon Black App Control agent installation process is non-interactive; it requires no user input. As soon as installation is completed, the Carbon Black App Control agent begins working – no additional configuration is needed, and in most cases a restart is unnecessary.

Intended Audience

This documentation provides agent installation, update, and uninstall instructions for administrators, incident responders, and others who will operate Carbon Black App Control.

Staff who manage Carbon Black App Control activities should be familiar with operating systems, web applications, installed software, desktop infrastructure (especially in-house procedures for software roll-outs, patch management, and anti-virus software maintenance), and the effects of unwanted software.

Note: This installation guide is written in a way that is not specific to a particular agent version. However, images may not match your version precisely. When there is a difference that is significant in the content, version-specific information, such as specific steps, are added.

Document History

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