Beginning with Carbon Black App Control 8.1.4, agent installers and the rule file that determines their behavior are no longer included as part of an Carbon Black App Control server installation. You must upload rule and agent installer packages separately after you install the server.

This methodology allows Carbon Black more flexibility to make improved agents and new rules available independent of server releases.

As part of this enhancement, Carbon Black App Control includes a new drag-and-drop interface to add new rule files and agent installers to your server as they become available. This eliminates complex and error-prone manual installation procedures.

A user must have Manage system configuration permissions to upload and install agent installers and rule files.These files are available on the Carbon Black User Exchange. If you have enabled the Carbon Black File Reputation (CDC) connection from your server and the health indicators option within the CDC, a health indicator will inform you when agent installers or rule files newer than the ones you currently have are available.

Important: When new rule files and agent installers are uploaded and installed on the server, the server service is restarted and agent installation package generation is enabled.

However, automatic agent upgrades are also disabled when you upload a new agent installer (but not a rules file) so they must be re-enabled if you are planning to use automatic upgrades.

  • The installers for rule files and agent packages found on the User Exchange are strictly for upload to the server. They cannot be used directly to install or update agents on endpoints.
  • Rule file and agent package installers for upload to the server cannot be installed on pre-8.1.4 servers.
  • Rules and agent installation packages must be uploaded to the server one file at a time. If you drag multiple files into the upload interface simultaneously, the uploads will fail.
  • When you use the Update Agent/Rule Version page to upload agent package installers, generation of agent installer for endpoints is enabled on the server. However, if you use other methods to update or add agent installers, the installers will not automatically be generated on the server.