The VMware Carbon Black team is pleased to announce the general availability of the 8.9.0 Carbon Black App Control Windows Agent.

This is a minor release. For more details, see the 8.9.0 Windows Agent Release Notes.

Important: Due to an issue discovered after the release of 8.9.0, we DO NOT recommend upgrading to or installing the Windows 8.9.0 agent on any file share or network share servers in your environment without first reviewing this UEX Knowledge Base article. Failure to properly configure your file or network share(s) may result in delays modifying files or otherwise leave your server unusable.

VMware encourages customers to always update to the latest versions of VMware software to benefit from security and stability improvements.

Download Link for 8.9.0 App Control Windows Agent

Below is the download link to the App Control Windows Agent host package installer for version 8.9.0.

Note: The Host Package Installer allows this agent to be installed on Carbon Black App Control 8.1.4+ servers.