The VMware Carbon Black team is pleased to announce the general availability of the 8.9.0 Carbon Black App Control macOS Agent.

This release includes new functionality and addresses several defects. New functionality includes:
  • IPv6-only network support

    The Mac agent now supports being operated in an IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) environment.

  • Updates to Trusted Publisher Support

    The Mac 8.9.0 agent now supports additional advanced server configuration settings.

  • 8.9.4 Server or later required for Mac Trusted Publishers

    Customers utilizing Mac Trusted Publishers for the first time must have the 8.9.4 Server or later to ensure existing publisher certificate information is sent to Mac agents that are equipped for trusted publisher.

For more details about this release, see the 8.9.0 macOS Agent Release Notes.

Download Link for 8.9.0 App Control macOS Agent

Below is the download link to the App Control macOS Agent host package installer for version

The Host Package Installer allows this Agent to be installed on Carbon Black App Control 8.1.4+ servers.