Use the following procedure to receive in-product and email notificaitons on the state of your registered Sensor Gateway instances.


  1. While on the Settings > Notifications page, select the Integrations tab.
  2. Click Add Notification.
  3. Provide a name for the notification and select Sensor Gateway from the Component type drop-down menu.
  4. Choose when you want to be notified - when the Sensor Gateway is disconnected, when the maximum number of 10,000 Carbon Black sensors is exceeded, or when the Sensor Gateway certificate is about to expire, or all of them.
  5. Add all the users you would like to receive the notifications through an email from the related drop-down menu.
    You define these users in the Settings > Users page.
  6. Optional. To receive a notification at the end of the day with a summary of all gateways that are still unresolved in your environment, click the Send 1 reminder email at the end of the day option.
    Sensor Gateway instances that are already with restored connections are excluded.
  7. To complete the notification subscription setup, click Save.