In this type of installation, if you want to install more than one Sensor Gateway servers, you must repeat the following steps for every Sensor Gateway server.


  1. Install Docker.
    For information about installing a Docker engine on the supported by the Sensor Gateway Linux distributions, see Install Docker Engine on CentOS, Install Docker Engine on RHEL, or Install Docker Engine on Ubuntu.
  2. Run the installation script.
  3. When prompted, provide the following input.
    Option Description
    API ID For example, 9Z5QY2ZDAN
    API Secret Key For example, 8UE3SHE475T2LZLJNJ2M98TK
    Carbon Black Cloud URL For example,
    Sensor Gateway entry point URL (https://<sensor-gateway-node-fqdn>) For example,
    Volume mount directory Optional. By default, /data
    Port number to map to the Envoy service Optional. By default, Sensor Gateway runs on port 443
    The Sensor Gateway service starts and registers itself with the Carbon Black Cloud. It takes few minutes for the registration to complete.
  4. Optional. Enter the certificate private key's passphrase.
    Provide a password if your sgw_key.pem is password-protected.


Once the registration completes successfully, the Sensor Gateway displays as connected in the Settings > API Access > Sensor Gateways page of the Carbon Black Cloud console. When successfully registered, the Sensor Gateway appears in the API Access page.