You must configure the NTP server to synchronize the SSO server time and the Carbon Black Cloud Workload Appliance time.


You have deployed the Carbon Black Cloud Workload Appliance.


  1. Log in to the vCenter Server at https://<vCenter IP/Domain address> using the admin credentials.
  2. To configure the time synchronization settings with the vCenter Server, cliclk the Appliance > General tab.
  3. In the Time Settings section, click Edit and add the following details:
    Note: A time difference between the appliance and the vCenter Server results in a clock skew error. Set the NTP synchronization between the appliance and ESXi host as described in Knowledge Base Article 2012069.
    Time Settings Description
    NTP server A Network Time Protocol (NTP) server is used for synchronizing the time. Enter the same NTP server that is used to set up the vCenter Server configuration. For example, When entering the multiple NTP servers, use a comma-separated list followed by a space between the entries.
    Fallback NTP server Enter details for an alternative NTP server.
    Date and Time Verify that the date and time are synchronized with the vCenter Server.
  4. Click Save.