Welcome to the VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ Workload documentation. Learn how to enable and use Carbon Black Cloud Workload in your data center. Carbon Black Cloud Workload delivers agentless protection for vSphere workloads, while reducing the attack surface and strengthening data center security posture.

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New to Carbon Black Cloud Console?

When you work with features in the Carbon Black Cloud console, you might have questions and need more information.
  • On the Carbon Black Cloud console, click Dashboard. To complete the basic onboarding tasks, follow the Getting Started widget. If you do not see the Getting Started widget on your dashboard, click Configure Dashboard to add the widget. The Manage VM Workloads widget may be on the second page. To reach the second page, click > on the widget.

    CBC onboarding widget

  • You can get more help for the active page on the Carbon Black Cloud console. Access the User Guide from the Help menu on the upper-right side of the Carbon Black Cloud console. The guide is accessible at any time, on any page, across the Carbon Black Cloud console.

    CBC console Help > User Guide

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