Each sensor is assigned a policy that determines what policy rules apply to the sensor.

By default, each new sensor is assigned the Standard policy unless one of the following conditions applies:

  • You define an alternate policy during a command line installation.
  • You have previously created sensor groups,the installed sensor matches a sensor group’s criteria, and the target policy is not the Standard policy.

All the sensors in the sensor group receive an automatic assignment to a policy, which is based on the metadata that is associated with the sensor and the criteria that you define. This capability requires the following (or later) sensor versions:

  • Windows sensors v3.1
  • macOS sensors v3.2
  • Linux sensors v2.5

You cannot define the policy during a direct user installation; however, you can change the policy to which a sensor is assigned after its installation.

Note: Policy assignments do not apply to the Audit and Remediation Standalone product.