You can use sensor groups to apply policy settings across multiple sensors at once. New endpoints in a sensor group are automatically protected by the policy associated with that sensor group.

New sensors are automatically assigned to a single policy based on the metadata that is associated with the sensor and the criteria that you define. If a sensor does not match the criteria of an existing sensor group, it is automatically assigned to the Standard policy.

  • Only sensors that match all of the criteria of a sensor group are added to that group. Therefore, sensor group assignments are not permanent. If a sensor no longer meets a group's criteria, it is moved to another group it matches, or is assigned the Standard policy. You can change the match all criteria setting by either:
    • Clicking the drop-down menu for the relevant sensors and enabling an OR condition.
    • Changing the all setting to any.
  • A sensor can only belong to one sensor group at a time. If a sensor matches the criteria for multiple sensor groups, it is assigned to the highest priority sensor group based on the sensor group order. See: Modify Sensor Group Priority
  • If you manually assign policies to endpoints, these policies take precedence over policies assigned through a sensor group membership, even if the associated sensor matches all the criteria of the sensor group.