You can update sensors through the Carbon Black Cloud console.

Important: If you are updating to the Windows 3.6 sensor, see Configure a firewall.


  1. On the left navigation pane, click Inventory.
  2. Select the requisite asset that you want to update:
    • Endpoints
    • AWS
    • VM Workloads
    • VDI Clones
  3. Search for and select the sensors to update.
  4. Click Take Action > Update Sensors.
    Take action menu with the update sensors option hightlighted
  5. Confirm the number of sensors to update.
    Tip: You can choose to update all sensors on the page matching the search. Select Update sensors on all X Assets where X is the number of devices that match the search.
    Update sensors screen
  6. Select the sensor version from the Version dropdown menu.
  7. Provide a unique Sensor Update Name of up to 100 characters.
    Note: Jobs without a sensor update name use "--" in the Carbon Black Cloud console. Carbon Black recommends providing a unique sensor update name for searchability.
  8. Click Update Sensors.


After you initiate the sensor updates, you can view the progress of the updates on the Sensor Update Status tab.

Note: For more information about the Sensor Update Status tab, see: