This topic contains recommendations for installing the Carbon Black Cloud sensor on a Citrix golden image.

  • For optimal clone performance, allow the background scan to complete on the golden image before creating clones.
  • You can run the repcli status command to view the background scan status. For example:
    General Info:
       Sensor Version[ - Sep 29 2021 - 20:34:38]
       Local Scanner Version[ - ]
       Disk Filter Version[]
       CbShared[104365] Policy[1269] FileAnalysis[386] Proto[548]
       Sensor State[Enabled]
       Details[LiveResponse:NoSession, LiveResponse:NoKillSwitch, LiveResponse:Disabled, SvcStable]
       ExternalIdentity[Not Available]
       Kernel File Filter[Connected]
       Background Scan [Complete]
       Total Files Processed[52581] Current Directory[None]
    Important: Do not run repcli reregister now or repcli reregister onrestart commands on the golden image. Either command turns the golden image into a clone, which might deregister the golden image if autoderegister is set and a time-out has occurred. Deregistration of the golden image results in clones being unable to reregister.