The following common command line parameters are supported by the utility script. The parameters are passed on to the installer.

Note: Parameter values must always be enclosed in single quotes.

To view all command line parameters, run the command together with the -h parameter.


Required or Optional





Company registration code.



Enter bypass mode (disabled protection) immediately after installation. You can enable protection at a later time. This mode is only recommended for test situations.



Forces System Extension install on macOS Big Sur (the sensor will default to this mode on Big Sur and does not need to be explicitly specified).




Specify a policy to which the sensor will be added.


Displays all command line options, including advanced options that are not documented here.

Refer to the built-in help in the utility script for currently supported installation options.




Absolute path to the PKG installer payload.



Forces Kernel Extension install on macOS Big Sur (pre-approvals must be in place).

-o Optional Username/email address override. Used during registration and for identifying the device.




Preferred Proxy server and port; for example:

-p ‘’

Multiple proxy servers can be provided and separated by semi-colons; for example: -

p ‘;’

If a proxy server/port are not specified but are required, the sensor will attempt proxy auto-detection. See Configure a Proxy.

-s Optional Background scan enabled (“on”) or disabled (“off”). Default is enabled. Cloud policy overrides this setting.
-t Optional File upload limit (in MB). Default is no limit.
-u Optional Disable auto-update. Auto-update is enabled by default.
-v Optional Show version of this script. Major and minor versions should match the version of the Carbon Black Cloud package being deployed.




Proxy credentials to use for the proxy server, if required. These apply whether the proxy server is auto-detected or specified.

Example: - x ‘proxy_user:proxy_password

If proxy credentials are not specified, but are required by the proxy server, the macOS sensor will attempt to detect and use proxy credentials that are stored in the keychain that match the detected or specified proxy server.

--skip-kext-approval-check=1 Optional

Allows for >=3.1 sensor install/upgrade to run on macOS >=10.13 even if KEXT approval has not been done prior to the install/upgrade. KEXT approval can be deferred until after the sensor install/upgrade.

Warning: macOS 11.0 requires a KEXT MDM pre-approval to install a KEXT sensor.
--disable-live-response=1 Optional Disable Live Response.
--disable-sysext-network-extension Optional Disable network extension. Only available in System Extension mode on macOS 11 and later. Network Extension is enabled by default.
--disable-upgrade-jitter=1 Optional Disable auto-upgrade jitter.

Obfuscation of command line inputs

Endpoint users might input sensitive data into the command line. The obfuscation of command line inputs protects against unauthorized users accessing the data in plain text in the sensor .log files and the sensor databases. You can obfuscate command line inputs by using the following argument in the unattended install script: --enable-hide-command-lines=1

The setting enables the obfuscation of command line input in sensor .log files and databases. The data in the Carbon Black Cloud console is not obfuscated.