Carbon Black supports Horizon linked-clones; however, linked-clones are scheduled for extended support and end-of-life. Linked-clones are deprecated in Horizon 8. Carbon Black recommends migrating to Horizon version 7.13 and later versions, with the Carbon Black Cloud Windows 3.6 sensor or later.

See Horizon Linked-Clones.

You can manage the performance impact of the Carbon Black Cloud sensor with linked-clones by ensuring the following:

  1. The correct permission bypass (exclusions) are in place at the Policy level.
  2. A background scan is completed on the golden image VM prior to using vCenter Server to take a snapshot of the golden image VM.

    A background scan takes several hours to complete. There is a significant performance benefit from running it on the golden image. Completing the background scan enables the sensor to gather cloud reputation for hashes found on the golden image. This removes the need for the linked-clones to delay execution to pull reputation when those hashes eventually run.