This topic describes the necessary steps to deploy Citrix MCS with the Carbon Black Cloud Windows 3.7MR1+ sensor.


With the Windows 4.0+ Sensor, if the parent hostname is modified in Private or Maintenance mode for a Citrix golden device, the sensor does not go through a reregistration process and continues to work using its existing device ID when CitrixMCSModeCheckEnabled is true.

The Windows 4.0+ Sensor includes the following configuration property that you can change by editing cfg.ini. The default setting is Disabled.

CitrixMCSModeCheckEnabled, false, “Enable/Disable citrix mcs device mode check for auto reregister."


  1. Run the following command to install the Windows 3.7MR1+ sensor:
    msiexec.exe /q /i <Sensor Installer Path> /L*v msi.log COMPANY_CODE="XYZABC" CLI_USERS=<sid> GROUP_NAME="<NAME Virtual Policy>" AUTO_REREGISTER_FOR_CITRIX=true
    < Sensor Installer Path> : Replace this value with the location of the sensor MSI file; for example, c:\tmp\installer_win-64-
    Note: To establish a golden image-clone relationship with 3.8+ Windows sensors for Citrix VDIs, add both the AUTO_REREGISTER_FOR_CITRIX=true and AUTO_REREGISTER_FOR_VDI_CLONES=1 parameters to the command line.
    CLI_USERS= sid: This parameter enables RepCLI usage. The value is the Security Identifier (SID) of the user account/group that will run RepCLI commands .
    GROUP_NAME: Indicates the policy name to apply.

    See Installing Windows Sensors on Endpoints and Windows Sensor Supported Commands. For more information about RepCLI, see Managing Sensors by using RepCLI in the User Guide.

  2. Check policy recommendations at Carbon Black Policy Setting Recommendations for Citrix Clones.
  3. Shut down the Golden Device.
  4. Take a snapshot of the Golden Device.
  5. Create a Citrix Machine Catalog based on the Golden Device snapshot.
  6. Create a Citrix Delivery Group based on the newly created Citrix Machine Catalog.
  7. Verify that Citrix clone devices are visible in the Carbon Black Cloud console.
    Important: Do not perform manual reregistration on the Golden Device.

    Remove any previous BAT scripts or other reregister mechanisms that you have set up. Leaving such mechanisms in place can cause sensors to reregister more than once.