For sensors that match the criteria of multiple sensor groups, you can control the sensor group that it is assigned by modifying the order of the sensor groups. The sensor group order establishes what group a sensor is assigned to.

Example: If sensor-A was a Windows XP endpoint and you had two sensor groups, Windows-All and Windows-XP, sensor-A would belong to the Windows-All sensor group if the order was as follows:
  1. Windows-All
  2. Windows-XP

If you moved Windows-XP above Windows-All, sensor-A would then be moved to the Windows-XP sensor group.

Important: Changing the order of sensor groups affects the policy assignment of all sensors with matching criteria.


  1. Select Inventory>Sensor Groups from the left navigation pane.
    The list of sensor groups displays in the order that they are prioritized.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Reorder Groups.
  3. Drag and drop a sensor group to a new position. The change is applied immediately. Click Done when finished.