To create an Azure storage account to use with Data Forwarder, perform the following procedure.

The following procedure includes the settings with which the Carbon Black Cloud Data Forwarder is supported. Recommendations are noted.


  1. In the Azure console, select Storage Accounts.
  2. Click + Create.
  3. In the Project details section, select the Subscription and Resource Group under which the storage account will be filed.
  4. In the Instance details section:
    1. Provide a unique name for the account.
    2. Select an appropriate Region. Select the Azure Identity Credentials that correspond to the Carbon Black Cloud URL to which your organization belongs. See Azure Forwarding Identity Credentials.
    3. For Performance, select Standard (recommended).
    4. Select either LRS or GRS Redundancy, based on your redundancy requirements.
  5. On the Advanced tab:
    1. In the Security section, use the default values.
    2. Select Enable hierarchical namespace.
    3. Use the default values for Access Protocols, Blob Storage, and Azure Files.
  6. On the Networking tab:
    1. For Network Access, select Enable public access from all networks.
    2. For Network Routing, retain the default value of Microsoft network routing.
  7. On the Data Protection tab, set Recovery, Tracking, and Access Control to your preference.
  8. On the Encryption tab, set Encryption to your preference.

What to do next

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