While in the Enabled tab of the AWS Workloads page you can view all the EC2 instances with the latest sensor install that supports Carbon Black Public Cloud. Once your AWS account onboards, you can further view details of the associated with this account instances such as instance ID and AWS details. You can search for a set of instances and narrow down the search result through filter facets.

You can also monitor a specific EC2 instance.


  1. On the left navigation pane, click Inventory > Public Cloud > AWS and select the Enabled tab.
  2. To view details on an EC2 instance of interest, locate the instance and double-click its row, or select the > icon.
    Note: The AWS data displays after onboarding the AWS account associated with the available in the inventory EC2 instance.
    You can view details of the instance such as its sensor version, signature pack status, active directory distinguished name, and AWS information.
  3. Optional. To download a CSV file with all of the filtered instances and the associated data, click the Export button.
  4. Optional. To deregister an already installed sensor from an instance, terminate the instance from the AWS management console.
    Once the instance terminates, its sensor uninstalls automatically, and you can view it in the Carbon Black Cloud console UI as deregistered.