VMware Carbon Black Cloud on VMware Cloud Services Platform | 21 JUN 2022

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What's New - 21 June 2022

This is the first release of VMware Carbon Black Cloud on the VMware Cloud Services Platform.

  • VMware is expanding our global Points of Presence (PoP) for the Carbon Black Cloud with this new instance hosted in the United Kingdom. 
  • The UK PoP provides peace of mind for UK customers who require (or prefer) their telemetry data to be hosted within the United Kingdom. 
  • The new Point of Presence in the United Kingdom is built on VMware’s Cloud Services Platform (CSP). This allows customers to access the Carbon Black Cloud from VMware’s unified Cloud Services Console, enhancing the identity and access management capabilities of the Carbon Black Cloud, and standardizing the Carbon Black Cloud with other solutions used by VMware customers and partners. Expanded identity capabilities include: 
    • Configuring SAML 2.0 identity federation with an expanded set of providers, including Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 
    • Group-based RBAC for user management and role assignment 
    • Configuring API Access to the Carbon Black Cloud via oAuth 2.0 Apps 
  • Workloads: Configuration of an Appliance uses a different workflow to take advantage of CSP Identity Management

    See details in the user guide: Setting Up Your CWP Appliance

  • Container Essentials: Container Essentials is not yet available in the UK PoP

  • The following features are not yet available in the UK PoP:

    • Managed Detection
    • CSP Multi-tenancy (partner & multi tenant enablement)

Known Issues

The items listed below are the known issues specific to Carbon Black Cloud on the VMware Cloud Services Platform.

For a list of known issues pertaining to the core Carbon Black Cloud product, see the known issues for the latest release of the Carbon Black Cloud console.

  • CBC-17603: Avira upload for Reputation will not be available upon release due to a bug regarding timing out of malware reporting, causing false negative results

    This means the ability to opt-in to automatically upload potential malware to Avira will be temporary disabled.

  • CBC-17619: Some API permissions have an incorrect name, using “threathunter” in place of “org”

  • CBC-17721: The integrationServices routes for audit logs and notification APIs are not yet available

    This only affects the API calls, and not the Notifications via email or the ability to view Audit Logs in the Carbon Black Cloud console.

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