VMware Carbon Black Container Operator 6.0.0

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What's New

  • Cloud Native Detect & Response - Kubernetes support in Carbon Black Cloud

    • This is the first Operator release that supports the Cloud Native Detect & Response feature.

    • Cloud Native Detection and Response (CNDR) provides VMware Carbon Black customers with unified visibility, security, and control in highly dynamic and complex modern application environments.

    • We have added the CNDR feature to the CRD.

    • CNDR is only supported when paired with Carbon Black Kubernetes sensor 3.0.0 and above.

  • Image Secret Detection

    • Secret detection is included in the cluster scanning agent bundle. When installed, it scans secrets in all existing images and continuously scans newly deployed images.

    • We have added the secret detection feature to the CRD.

    • Secret detection is only supported when paired with CB K8s sensor 3.0.0 and above.

  • Tolerate all taints when deploying node agent

  • The node agent now runs on control-plane nodes

  • Additional columns in the Custom Resource display

  • Simplified setting HTTP proxy in the operator CRD

  • Add the global field to set the registry name for images

  • Upgrade golang version to 1.20.7

Resolved Issues

  • CNS-2801: Change the used ClusterRole resource to a Role

  • CNS-2091: Investigate excessive permissions required by the operator

  • CNS-3139: Upgrade go packages/Operator SDK version

    Fixed vulnerabilities found on scans.

Known Issues

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