Welcome to the VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ documentation! VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ is a cloud native endpoint and workload protection platform (EPP and CWP) that combines the intelligent system hardening and behavioral prevention needed to keep the emerging threats at bay.

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Console Documentation
    Release Notes
    Carbon Black Cloud User Guide
Carbon Black Container Content
   Container User Guide: HTML, PDF
    Kubernetes Sensor 3.0.1 Release Notes
    Operator 6.0.0 Release Notes
    CLI 1.10.2 Release Notes
    Kubernetes Sensor OER
Other Product-specific Content
   XDR User Guide: HTML, PDF
    Managed Detection and Response FAQ
Sensor Installation
   Sensor Installation Guide
Latest Sensor Release Notes
    Windows Sensor
    Linux Sensor 2.15.0
    macOS Sensor
Sensor Operating Environment Requirements
    Windows Sensor OER (Desktop)
    Windows Sensor OER (Server)
    Linux Sensor OER
    macOS Sensor OER
    Sensor Lifecycle Support Policy
VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone
    Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint
    Carbon Black Cloud Workloads
    Mastering Carbon Black Container
    Mastering Endpoint Standard
    Mastering Audit & Remediation
    Carbon Black XDR
Additional Resources
    Carbon Black Cloud on VMware Cloud Services Platform  
    Carbon Black Cloud on AWS GovCloud (US)  
    Carbon Black User Exchange 
    Carbon Black Developer Network
    Technical Support
Product Operating Environment Requirements
    Endpoint Standard OER
    Audit and Remediation OER
    Enterprise EDR OER
    Prevention OER
    Workloads OER
    Vulnerability Management OER

VMware Carbon Black Cloud documentation may contain information associated with products not currently deployed in your organization. For more information about the Carbon Black Cloud platform and available products, see https://www.carbonblack.com/products-index/. You can create custom documentation collections, containing only the content needed for your organization, using MyLibrary.

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Contacting VMware Carbon Black Support

Please view our Customer Support Guide on the User Exchange for more information about Technical Support:


For your convenience, support for Carbon Black Cloud is available through several channels:

Technical Support Contact Options
Web: User eXchange
E-mail: cb-support@vmware.com
Phone: 877.248.9098

When you call or email technical support, please provide the following information to the support representative:

Required Information Description
Contact Your name, company name, telephone number, and e-mail address
Product version Product name and version number
Hardware configuration Hardware configuration of the endpoint having the issue (processor, memory, and RAM)
Problem Action causing the problem, error message returned, and event log output (as appropriate)
Problem severity Critical, Major, Minor, Request