After you create your clones and register their Carbon Black Sensors, they are available in the Enabled tab on the Workloads page of the Carbon Black Cloud console (if you have Cloud Workload Protection enabled).

The following filters are available on the Inventory>VDI Clones page. You can combine filters for a more granular search.

Note: The Asset Group filter only displays if you have upgraded from Sensor Groups to Asset Groups. This is a highly recommended upgrade. See Asset Groups and Sensor Groups in the User Guide.
VDI filters
Filter Description
Sensor Status The Status column indicates the state of a sensor and any administrator actions that have been taken on the sensor. This column can contain multiple icons to indicate the sensor state.

For details about sensor states, see Sensor Status and Details — Asset Groups or Sensor Status and Details — Sensor Groups.

Sensor Version You can filter the installed sensors by sensor version.
Golden Image Status You can filter the displayed sensors based on their type: not a golden image, or as a golden image with clones.
Asset Group Filter by Asset Group, if activated. The Unassigned group filter shows only sensors which metadata does not match any group criteria.
The Standard policy filter lists sensors that are:
  • Newly deployed and are assigned the Standard policy by default.
  • Do not meet a group's criteria and are assigned the default Standard policy.
OS You can filter sensors based on the device operating system, such as Windows or Linux.
OS Version You can filter sensors based on the version of the device operating system, such as Windows 10 x64.
Signature Status
The status of each sensor signature version displays in the Sig column.
Signature Status Icon Description
Up to date Up-to-date green circle The sensor signature files are up-to-date if the signature version installed is released within 7 days of the current date.
Out of date Out-of-date red triangle The sensor signature files show as out-of-date one week after being disabled, until the updates are reenabled.
Not Available Not available grey square The sensor signature version is not yet reported if the local scan is not configured, or if the sensor encountered an error after local scan was configured, such as a connectivity issue
Not Applicable No icon Unidentifiable sensor signature version. This is present for macOS and Linux sensors that are not supported.
VDI Provider

You can filter sensors based on the VDI provider. Currently, the only supported VDI providers are Horizon and Citrix.

Host-Based Firewall Status Filter options are:
  • Not enabled
  • Active
  • Errors
  • Warning
Subnet IP subnet.

Configure Results Table

You can further streamline your results table by clicking the Configure Table button at the bottom of the table, selecting which columns to display, and then clicking Apply.

VDI Clones table column show and hide options

To export your filtered search results, click Export.