To add a new role for Containers work, perform the following procedure.


  1. On the left navigation pane, click Settings > Roles.
  2. In the upper right of the page, click Add Role.
  3. Enter a unique name and description for the new role. Special characters are not allowed.
  4. Optionally, select a role from the Copy permissions from dropdown to use an existing role as a template. This allows you to add and remove permissions from an existing set of role permissions.
  5. Expand the Permissions categories and select or deselect permissions for the role.
    Screen image of the Add Role page

    See Using and Creating Roles for Containers for more information about Container role permissions.

  6. Click Save.
    Tip: Click the Duplicate Duplicate icon icon next to the role in the table to make a copy of that role. Use copied roles to easily make minor adjustments for new roles.

What to do next