Once you have your deployed VM workloads (VMs) available in the Enabled tab of the Carbon Black Cloud console, you can enhance the search result with receiving only VMs sensors of interest.


You filter sensors by status to receive only the state of a sensor's installation or activeness, as well as any admin actions taken on the sensor. The filtered content appears in the Status column and may contain multiple icons to indicate the state of the sensor.

Sensor Status Description
Deregistered Sensors are deregistered or uninstalled; they will persist on the VM Workloads page in this status until removed.
Sensor out of date Sensors must updatе to the latest version.
Active Sensors checked in within the last 30 days.
Inactive Sensors not checked in within the last 30 days.
Bypass Admin sets the sensors to a Bypass mode and all policy enforcement on the device is disabled, and the sensor cannot send data to the cloud. Another reason for a sensor to enter momentarily into Bypass mode is during the sensor update.
Error Sensors are reporting errors.
Pending install Sensors are not yet installed following an installation request email sent to a user.
Quarantine Admin sets the sensors to Quarantine mode that isolates them from the network to mitigate spread of potentailly malicious activity.
Pending update Sensors are not yet updated following an upgrade request.
Sensor Version Version information for the installed sensors.
Golden Image Status Lists either golden image with cloned VMs, or VMs that are not golden image, or both.


The Unassigned group filter shows only sensors which metadata does not match any group criteria.


The Standard policy filter lists sensors that are:
  • Newly deployed and are assigned the Standard policy by default.
  • Do not meet a group's criteria and are assigned the default Standard policy.

Golden Image Status

You filter the deployed assets based on their type: as golden images with clones, or as VM workloads.

Operating System

You filter sensors based on their devices' operationg system, such as Linux and Windows.

Signature Status

The status of each sensor signature version displays in the Sig column.

Signature Status Description
NOT_APPLICABLE Unidentifiable sensor signature version. This is present for macOS and Linux sensors that are not supported.
OUT_OF_DATE The sensor signature files show as out-of-date (triangle icon) one week after being disabled, until the updates are reenabled.
UP_TO_DATE The sensor signature files are up-to-date (circle icon) if the signature version installed is released within 7 days of the current date.
NOT_AVAILABLE The sensor signature version is not yet reported (square icon) if the local scan is not configured, or if the sensor encountered an error after local scan was configured, such as a connectivity issue