You can view details on VDI clones such as Sensor status, Sensor signature version, policy, and vulnerability in the Enabled tab on the Workloads page of the Carbon Black Cloud console (if you have Cloud Workload Protection enabled). You can search for a set of VDI clones and narrow down the search result through filter facets.

You can also monitor a specific VDI clone.


Deploy and configure the Carbon Black Cloud Workload Appliance. The vCenter Server data displays after Carbon Black Cloud Workload Appliance deployment.


  1. On the left navigation pane, click either Inventory > VDI Clones or Inventory > Workloads depending on your configuration (see Managing VDI Clones).
  2. Click the Enabled tab.
  3. To view details on a VDI clone, locate the VDI clone and double-click its row or click the Carat icon icon.
    1. View details on the VDI clone such as its Sensor version, signature pack status, active directory distinguished name, and vCenter Server details.
    2. To see a risk-prioritized list of OS and App vulnerabilities in your vSphere environment, click the arrow Arrow icon icon in the Vulnerabilities section.
      This section provides the ability to perform a manual on-demand assessment for patch validation.
    3. To view a detailed assessment of a certain risk, click the expand icon .
  4. To download a CSV file together with all the filtered clones and the associated data, click the Export button.