You can use RepCLI to determine the current status of background scans on Windows endpoints.

  • Because the repcli status command does not require authentication, it can be run on any Windows sensor that includes RepCLI.
  • Total Files Processed shows the number of files that the background scan has scanned since this instance of RepMgr started. This value does not persist across restarts.


See Background Scans.

Use this procedure in the following environment:
  • Carbon Black Cloud Windows sensor: 3.3.x+
  • Endpoint Standard
  • Microsoft Windows (all supported versions)


  1. Open a command prompt on the Windows endpoint.
  2. Go to the Confer Directory:
    cd C:\Program Files\Confer
  3. Run the following command:
    repcli status


The General Info section includes Background Scan Status, total files processed, and current directory (if still running).

General Info:
        Sensor Version[]
        Local Scanner Version[ - ave.]
        Sensor State[Enabled]
        Kernel File Filter[Connected]
        Background Scan[In Progress]
        Total Files Processed[426]  Current Directory[C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\InstallerCache]
        Sensor Restarts[4] LastReset[not set]